Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is via Zoom, you must enter the PMI code and password during one of the days/times listed below. If you are unable to reach any of these times or if you can’t get ahold of a tutor at said day/time, please reach out to

Please keep in mind these resources are used more at the end of classes and our tutors are students with their own finals, it may be harder to secure an appointment/get connected to a tutor.

How to Call-in:

Tutors will be available to call-in via Zoom at the times below. Copy and paste the link below to immediately be put into the Wait Room. Tutors are on standby waiting for students.

Direct link to the MaLL Tutor Zoom room:

Password: Kuf8Nr

Tutoring Schedule:

Monday through Friday: 4PM to 6PM

If you already have Zoom downloaded: Enter the PMI code below after clicking “Join Meeting” after open the app and logging in. You will be connected with an open tutor or placed in a waiting room/breakout room.

PMI Code: 940 161 8701

Password: Kuf8Nr