Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Where is the MaLL?

Directions to the MaLL

The MaLL is open 8 am – 6 pm, Monday through Friday, starting on January 17th. The first half of the class ends up on March 10th. The second half will run from March 20th to May 13th, the last day of the semester. Summer hours will be updated.

Aleks, RedShelf, & Canvas

Creating your ALEKS profile
How to renew ALEKS access online

Registering for your Aleks course with an existing Aleks account

How to access your Aleks materials via RedShelf

PIE Goal Dates

CourseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
X85105125140155160Exam PeriodExam Period
Y85105120135145150Exam PeriodExam Period
Z125155185205224230Exam PeriodExam Period
Due:Jan. 22ndJan. 29thFeb. 5thFeb. 12thFeb. 19thFeb. 26th
Each week, Students are expected to be at the PIE goal by 11:59 PM on Sunday. Reaching pie goals will count as extra points on a passing exam score.


If you have tested positive for COVID, please use the Self-Report portal. UNM follows current CDC guidelines, meaning you will be expected to quarantine for 5 days, when you started experiencing symptoms, if positive. If you are feeling unwell and displaying COVID-like symptoms, please email your instructor. If you have been exposed, you are not expected to stay home unless you are unvaccinated or have symptoms — per current CDC guidelines.

Excused absences are at the instructors discretion for all non-COVID related health concerns.

Other Resources

Where can I find X/Y/Z practice tests?

Testing Center Rules PowerPoint

CAPS – Math 1215 Tutor Availability

Accessibility Resource Center – Testing Accommodations

Opportunity Scholarship for New Mexico Residents (effective July 1st)